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A tribute to special mothers

 Mother's Day is a day we get to celebrate and honor mothers. Romans 13:7 says, "Give honor to whom honor is due."  Mothers do deserve honor; the responsibility of raising children is an awesome task and much of the time unappreciated. For those very special mothers of those very special kids I want to especially recognize and salute those incredible mothers that have the privilege of raising and caring for a child with special needs, either with some kind of...

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Movie Review – The Hiding Place

This post may contain affiliate links; which means I may make a commission on an order at no extra cost to you.  See Disclosure policy for details.   Genre - Christian non-fiction, biography, drama Setting - Haarlem, Holland, 1940 Length - 2 hr 30 min Rating - PG   The Hiding Place is a true story set in Holland during the Nazi takeover of Europe during World War II.  It is a gripping account of a patriotic, Christian family that...

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