A waste of time

Do you feel like you spend half your life in places waiting to be called?  In my twenty-six years of raising five children, including two with serious heart defects requiring seven open heart surgeries, and one with special needs, I have spent countless hours in waiting areas.  Whether it be in hospitals, doctor’s offices, dance studio waiting rooms, Department of Motor Vehicle offices, or college financial aid offices, I have had my share of seemingly “wasted time” with not much to do but wait.  We can actually use this time in a very productive way.  I personally don’t like reading my bible in public; it’s too distracting for me.  I really like to focus and meditate on God’s word when I read it.  But we can certainly use this time to read a devotional or two.  It is so easy now with social media being so accessible.  You can sign up with your favorites to receive e-mails, which you can access right from your phone.  My favorite right now is “Truth for Life” by Alistair Begg.  I receive devotionals daily, Monday through Friday with summaries of the week on weekends.  They are excellent, and take just a few minutes to read.  Some of his devotions are taken from C. H. Spurgeon’s devotional book “Morning and “Evening”, which I also highly recommend.

I welcome your feedback on what you come up with.  Hope this was a help. More to come….