Dawn on Ormond Beach

Whenever we are away, I love to get up before dawn and sit with my bible as the sun comes up. It’s such a quiet, calming, peaceful time.  For me, there is nothing like it.  To take in the majesty and beauty of God’s creation and the realization that God gives us a new beginning every day is just awesome.  The peace we can experience when we do this is perfect for just sitting before the LORD with NO DISTRACTIONS as we pray, speak to God and allow Him to speak to us either through His word or by His still, small voice. The whole world just seems to disappear in the shadow of His glory.

This photo was taken at a beautiful, very quiet beach in Ormond Beach, Florida.  It was in January, and it was unusually cold for Florida, but absolutely breathtaking!!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had a similar experience! To God be the Glory!!