It’s Spring! Why we need to get outside in the sun


God’s word says many things about the seasons.  Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, verse 1 says,  “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”.  The bible uses seasons to serve as a metaphor for our lives.  Spring is my favorite season because it represents growth and the springing up of new things!

If you live in the northern half of the United States, you know it’s been a very long, cold, snowy, dreary, winter.  Can you tell I don’t especially like the cold weather?  I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I can honestly say I really, really appreciate the sun!  God provides everything we need through His creation.  We tend to take for granted the necessity for the sun. Now that the warmer weather is coming (more sunny days), we should be getting out more and experience the benefit.

Here are 10 reasons we should get out and soak it in

 1.  The sun is the best source of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is necessary for our general health and specifically for our teeth and bones.

 2.  A warm, sunny day provides the perfect setting for getting basic exercise.  What a great opportunity to take a walk or ride a bike.

 3. The warm weather is a great excuse to make the teenagers get off their electronics and experience some good old-fashioned outdoor activities (walking, running, skating, skateboarding, bike-riding).  For the little ones, parks with swings, slides and monkey bars are great for developing coordination and navigational skills as well as practicing turn-taking and waiting.  Sun and fresh air along with character building – great combination!  When I was homeschooling my children, we would go outside for Science experiments, Health and Nutrition class and Phys. Ed.

 4. It gives our pets a chance to stay out and get more exercise.  Pets need exercise just as much as people do.  If they’ve been in the house for most of the winter, it’s a great time to get them out in the sun and fresh air.

  5. It improves our moods.  The dreariness of the winter months have negative effects on our mental state.  Our whole demeanor can change when the spring comes and we spend more time outside surrounded by the light and smells of plants and flowers.

 6. We get more things done.  When it’s really cold out, who feels like running from store to store if you don’t absolutely have to?!  Even as far as the inevitable spring cleaning goes, we can open some windows and let the fresh air in.

 7.  We can work on our gardens.  Whether we grow vegetables, flowers, or just want a neat looking piece of property, what a productive use of our time. It’s good exercise and I know I always have such a great feeling of accomplishment when I plant and maintain my vegetables and flowers.  And how great is it to experience the fruit of it (no pun intended).  There’s nothing like fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables for great taste and a healthy diet.

 8.  You get to change your wardrobe.  Break out your spring and summer clothes and finally put away all those coats, boots, heavy socks, scarves,  gloves. Whew! exhausted thinking about it.

 9.  Your skin can breathe.  We’re so covered up all winter that our skin doesn’t get exposed to fresh air, which can cause problems.  My daughter suffers from eczema all winter, every winter.  The sun and fresh air is so beneficial to our skin.  Of course, if you’re going to be out in the sun for any length of time, a good sunscreen is recommended.

 10.  Fresh vegetables.  We get to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables, which are so much healthier for you than the produce that’s been shipped in from warmer climates, covered in pesticides to last longer.

Getting outside gives us an appreciation for God’s creation. The sun itself is an amazing creation. It is necessary for life, heat, and growth.  Just getting out to see the sunrise and sunset is a beautiful reminder of God’s design and provision.




When I was young, if I said I didn’t feel well, my grandmother would say, “Wash you face, put on a clean dress and go for a walk.”  There’s something to be said for the older generation’s wisdom and home remedies.

God has blessed us with the sun. Let’s take advantage of it! It’s a new season, many people’s favorite season for good reason.  It’s a season of new beginnings. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Enjoy it for our good and God’s glory!!