Psalms and Proverbs

Is it a struggle to read the bible consistently?  It is so important to read the bible every day.  Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” It is what should direct every aspect of our lives.  It seems like so many times, when we try to grab a piece of undisturbed time to spend in God’s word, the distractions come – the phone rings, the dog has to go out, someone needs something, the checklist of things you have to do flood your mind, etc.  If you have a busy life filled with people that depend on you, it might be a little easier if you know what you’re going to read ahead of time.  One thing I like to do every day is read Psalms and Proverbs.  Psalms are great for encouragement and Proverbs for wisdom.  The system I use has worked best for me.  With this method, you go through the entire book of Psalms and the entire book of Proverbs in a month.  I read the psalm coinciding with the date, so if today is the 27th, I would read Psalm 27, then I add 30 and read Psalm 57, then I add 30 again and read Psalm 87, add 30 again and read Psalm 117, add 30 again and read 147.  There are 150 psalms so by doing this you will have read the whole book of Psalms in 30 days.  There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs.  I read the proverb coinciding with the date, covering the whole book of Proverbs in a month.  Remember, this blog is about starting fresh every day.  Using this method, it’s easier to go right to what you’re planning to read each day instead of trying to remember where you left off and avoid being discouraged because you’re falling behind.  Also, if you skip a day or don’t finish all the reading in a day, no problem, you’ll read it next month.  Hope this was an encouragement.  Be blessed as you read Psalms and Proverbs and may you grow in faith and wisdom.