Schedules and Flexibility


Are you finding it difficult to spend time with the Lord? Is your day packed with daily responsibilities and you feel consumed by your busy schedules? You are not alone. For some people, a schedule works really well, but you may be finding it hard to fit in your devotions and time with the Lord in the midst of all of it.  It does not need to be such a struggle. A schedule allows you to set aside a specific time each day to devote yourself to the Lord. This is a time of feeding on God’s word!  Psalm 119:11 says “Thy word I have hidden in my heart that I may not sin against thee”.  We need the meat of the bible daily in order to grow spiritually as much as we need physical food.  When we have an extra 10 minutes during the day, it’s so tempting to take the opportunity to throw a load of laundry in or straighten the living room, but when we make sure we’re making time with the Lord the priority, our day will go much better. Someone once said “if we’re too busy to pray, we’re too busy”.  It’s so true.  For me, I have to be a little more flexible.  My family’s routine changes from day to day, but I make sure I take that time in the morning before I start my day or I know it’s going to be a struggle all day. I am sure that this is often the case for you too.

Below are a few tips on how and when to spend time with the Lord.

  1. Take advantage of any 10 minute window you find throughout your day. This works best for someone that has a consistent daily routine (going to work the same time every day, other members of your family leave the house at same time every day, etc.)  Maybe you see a window of time in the morning after everyone has left the house and you have 10 minutes before you have to get ready for work, or maybe you have 10 minutes at the end of the day. Whatever works for you! Then for that period of time your priority is to spend time with the Lord.
  2. How to spend time with the Lord in 10 minutes: In 10 minutes you can read a good portion of scripture without rushing through, or you could read one or two verses and meditate on those verses. You could read a devotional and think about it in 10 minutes. The point here is that we make sure we do something every day. It can be reading God’s word, reading a devotional, memorizing scripture, or praying.
  3. Technology: With the recent growth of technology and social media, it is much easier for us to get access to devotions and scriptures right from our phones.  Most of us, (including me) are guilty of letting our phones, television, and computer consume a large part of our free time. We can make the best of this convenience, though, by downloading multiple bible apps and devotionals right to our phones, tablets, and computers! I will dedicate a future post to showing you some of my personal favorite apps, teachers, and online sermons that I use my technology to access, but for now I encourage all of you to find one or two that you like and use the convenience of your technology to access those too. It is a really beneficial, and efficient way to spend time with the Lord during your busy day!
  4. Being Flexible: Like I said before, for some people, schedules may work really well. It is important to allocate time with the Lord into our busy schedules. It is also equally important to be flexible. Things may not always go our way, our schedules may get completely thrown off track, and for a time we may feel lost. We can not let these things discourage us. Being flexible is not always easy, but with the inconsistency of life, it is a skill that we need to ask the Lord through prayer to help us acquire. To be more flexible, you may need to be selfless, open minded, and willing to make the time for the Lord fit into your day. This, again, is not always easy but it will be completely worth it and you will be blessed.