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I would love to hear from you with your ideas on how we can work together to create amazing content for our readers.

My website is an inspirational site focused on new beginnings or new chances.  I love mornings, sunrises, pictures of sunrises, and waking up early (especially when traveling).  The content of my blog usually contains encouraging thoughts about how each day provides a fresh start.  My husband and I have raised five children over the past 27 years.  Some of the challenges we have faced have been balancing my husband being a pastor and the children growing up in the church, having two of my children undergo a total of seven open heart surgeries between them, raising a mentally handicapped daughter, and homeschooling my children for nineteen years, to name a few.

Because of these challenges, I understand what it’s like to feel discouraged and so I love to encourage people who are struggling with life’s trials.


Let’s work together

I would love to collaborate with brands to bring a positive message with some practical solutions to people who are looking for answers.

Some partnerships may include:

  • Guest posts

  • Sponsored posts

  • Social media campaigns

  • Product reviews


If you think you can benefit from working with us, please email me at for more information including pricing and availability.